Choosing The Best
Cyber Security Solutions For Your Organisation

With an evolving threat landscape and increased levels of cyber attacks, organisations of all sizes and business lines are facing increased and more complex threats. The damage caused by threat actors can be disastrous, costly, and sometimes irreversible. Every organisation, irrespective of its size, is at risk of cyber security threats. Some common cyber attacks that organisations face include the following;

Malicious software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without the owner’s consent. Common forms of malware include computer viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, and adware.


Threat actors attempt to solicit confidential information from an individual, group, or organization by mimicking or spoofing, a specific, usually well-known brand for financial gain. Phishers attempt to trick users into disclosing personal data, such as credit card numbers, online banking credentials, and other sensitive information, which they may then use to commit fraudulent acts.

Insider threats

An insider threat is anyone who has knowledge of or access to your organization’s infrastructure and information and who uses, either knowingly or inadvertently, the infrastructure or information to cause harm. Ransomware: Malware that denies you access to your files until a sum of money is paid.

Credential stuffing

A cyber attack where stolen account credentials are used to gain unauthorized access to user accounts through large-scale automated login requests directed against a web application. 


Oryx Industries provides award winning technologies and solutions

Adaptive Shield

Adaptive Shield, leader in SaaS Security, enables security teams to secure their entire SaaS stack through threat prevention, detection and response. With Adaptive Shield, organizations continuously manage and control all SaaS apps, including 3rd-party connected apps, as well as govern all SaaS users and risks associated with their devices.



A company’s external attack surface is Cloud High, Dark-Web Deep, Supply-Chain Wide, and Internet Infinite. Protect it all. Identify shadow IT, detect exposures, prioritize threats, and gain control of your external digital landscape with External Attack Surface Management from CybelAngel (EASMX)


Terranova training platform delivers engaging and impactful cybersecurity training for employees, offering a diverse range of modules, from phishing and password security to social engineering, utilizing interactive scenarios and gamification to create a fun and engaging learning experience



Introducing the modern approach to cybersecurity: All the prevention, detection, correlation, investigation, and response you need backed by a 24/7 MDR service – without the cost and complexity. Free your security team from constant pressure by automating their day-to-day cybersecurity operations.



ARCON is a leading enterprise information risk control solution provider, specializing in Privileged Access Management

(PAM) and continuous risk assessment solutions. Our mission is to help enterprises identify emerging technology risks and help mitigate them by robust solutions that predict, protect and prevent.


Discover, prioritize, and remediate security vulnerabilities with the most comprehensive suite of continuous, real-time, and scalable offensive security solutions. NetSPI drives innovation to help teams confidently grow their security testing programs and keep pace with today’s rate of change.


ITsMine is a cloud-based service that offers Workspace Google and Microsoft 365-like features for data sharing and collaboration among guests, employees, and contractors, regardless of device or location. The platform provides robust data security technologies, including protection against ransomware, external breaches, and internal data loss, aiming to simplify data protection and safety for users while overcoming the complexities of current data security solutions.


Empowering your digital defense. Our cutting-edge cloud email security platform, driven by advanced machine learning, dynamically assesses human risk, advanced phishing and data breaches before they strike. Trusted by global giants, Egress ensures instant protection, deep visibility, and unparalleled peace of mind.