About us

We are a technology services and consulting firm.

Who we are

Pro Tech Consulting is an expert-led technology services and consulting firm with a proven track record of helping our clients achieve business goals through innovation, technology and digital transformation.

We strategically integrate digital, robotic, AI, cloud, ERP, cyber security, skilled human resources and other bespoke capabilities to build agile, automated and cloud-enabled solutions that are customised to suit your organisation.

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Our commitment to empowerment

It is our commitment to supporting the growth and expansion of the South African digital skills agenda that has powered our ESG aspirations. 
We are aligned to the South African National Digital and Future Skills Strategy to foster digital skills development for our youth and contribute to the creation of sustainable employment opportunities. 

Partnering with a leading academic institution, the Pro Tech Graduate Development Program aims to achieve these goals and boost youth employability through critical digital skills development.

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Our vision

As a proudly South African technology firm making a global impact, Pro Tech Consulting are resolute in our vision to deliver inventive solutions, exceptional execution, and outstanding value through trusted partnerships and collaborations with our clients.

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Your success is our mission

In an ever-evolving technology landscape, Pro Tech Consulting are both the support and drivers of transformation, aiding our customers in achieving their business goals and expedite digital transformation. 

We empower clients to accomplish growth and success objectives by strategically utilising technology as a fundamental facilitator.
With inventive solutions and a range of best-in-class services and platforms we undertake to optimise operations, enhance user experiences and achieve enduring growth with measurable returns on investment.

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