Enhance Your Organization's Security Potential with TerraNova

TerraNova Security offers cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions designed to protect your business against evolving threats in today's digital landscape. With our comprehensive suite of services, including advanced threat intelligence, proactive vulnerability assessments, and tailored training programs, we empower organizations to fortify their defenses, achieve regulatory compliance, and build a culture of cyber resilience.

Award-Winning Security Awareness Training

 Mitigate Human Risk Through Industry-Leading Training. Equip your team with cutting-edge courses, realistic phishing simulations, and immersive game-style modules to foster a culture of cyber awareness, ensuring your employees, partners, and suppliers consistently detect and avoid common cyber threats

​ Awareness

With award-winning learning modules, make sure everyone can detect and avoid cyber threats.


Enjoy greater peace of mind by minimizing cyber security weaknesses in your business ecosystem.


Use the data-driven Security Culture Index to quickly pinpoint high-risk employees or roles.


Effortlessly track your program’s performance and use analytical insights to attain your objectives.

​ Expertise

Enjoy access to CISO guidance and end-to-end support that’s here for you every step of the way.

How Terranova Security awareness training works

Engage your employees with relatable and memorable content to increase their cybersecurity awareness.

With over 20 years of industry experience, our in-house CISO Advisory Services can help you plan and optimize every part of your security awareness training program.

Data Leaks


Hybrid Work

Office Security



Email Security

Internet & Web Browsing​

Out Of Office



Targeted Training Programs

Effortlessly focus on specific threat areas and company departments using curated training programs. 

Begin instantly with programs crafted by our security and behavior experts, or tailor your own custom programs.

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