Saas Security Posture Management

Gain Complete control of your SaaS Applications

Core SaaS offerings such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Slack, Zoom, Github etc, are vital to a business’s day-to-day operations. While SaaS apps have native security capabilities built in, the responsibility to ensure that all attack surfaces are covered falls on the security team
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With Adaptive Shield, enterprises can continue adopting SaaS apps while staying safe

Adaptive Shield’s SSPM platform features proactive, deep, continuous and automated monitoring & management capabilities. As a SaaS app that integrates with all SaaS apps, within minutes Adaptive Shield identifies misconfigurations, provides visibility to all SaaS apps connected to the core SaaS stack, and manages risks stemming from compromised devices accessing the SaaS environment. Adaptive Shield also sends detailed alerts and enables automated fixes at the first sign of a security drift. Breadth and depth, Adaptive Shield provides the widest array of app integrations with incredible depth of domains checked thorough

Streamline SaaS Security Configurations

Effortlessly monitor and manage security misconfigurations across a wide range of SaaS applications with Adaptive Shield's comprehensive integration. Our cutting-e​dge solution offers in-depth security checks and automated or step-by-step remediation, ensuring unparalleled SaaS Security Posture Management. Plus, Adaptive Shield stands out as the sole platform to seamlessly integrate with over 120 SaaS apps right from the start.

Identify and Govern SaaS-to-SaaS Connected Apps

Efficiently identify and govern all authorized and unauthorized third-party SaaS applications connected to your primary SaaS platforms. Gain insights into the potential risks these applications pose to your business and take control of your SaaS ecosystem.

Strengthen Identity & Access Management Oversight

Enhance SaaS User Governance with Comprehensive Visibility
Attain unified visibility into user accounts, permissions, and privileged activities, bolstering governance for SaaS users. Identify high-privileged users to prioritize risk management and streamline access. Proactively detect dormant and inactive users with lingering data access, ensuring robust security measures.

Mitigate User Device-Driven SaaS Risks

Attain Unmatched Context and Visibility to Effectively Manage SaaS User and Device Risks.
Effortlessly monitor and manage risks originating from SaaS users and their associated devices with unprecedented clarity. Gain insights into device vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, ensuring a comprehensive view of the devices accessing your SaaS stack.

Proactively Identify and Counter Threats

Uncover and Counter Identity-Centric Threats within the SaaS Ecosystem
Efficiently detect and respond to identity-centric threats originating from the SaaS ecosystem, including abnormal activities, malicious applications, or any signs of compromise.

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