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Experience the unmatched expertise as the industry's top Enterprise Identity Security Leader, acknowledged by global analysts. Safeguarding millions of identities across 6 continents for over 1500 organizations, our premier risk management solutions, built on a Zero-Trust Architecture, elevate your resilience and security posture.

Embracing the Digital Future by Safeguarding Identity, Ideas, and Privacy

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Empowers you with comprehensive control over every facet of your IT infrastructure, enabling you to establish contextual security around your invaluable asset, data, through its fine-grained access control that allows you to shape your security infrastructure according to your preferences, granting or revoking access as needed, on your own terms.

User Behavior Analytics

Leveraging self-learning capabilities, our solution constructs behavioral profiles for end users and promptly notifies of any abnormal activity, significantly mitigating insider threats

Endpoint Privilege Management

Grants 'just-in-time' or 'on-demand' endpoint privilege granting while monitoring all end users on your behalf. With robust detection capabilities, it identifies insider threats, compromised identities, and malicious activities targeting endpoints. The powerful User Behavior Analytics component establishes normal user behavior and identifies anomalies and other network entities effectively.

Global Remote Access

Introducing a cutting-edge remote desktop solution that empowers administrators to establish secure connections within an enterprise network to any client machine. In the event of an issue, client users can authorize admins or help desk engineers to troubleshoot their machines under controlled conditions.

Security Compliance Management

The solution ensures the implementation of a comprehensive IT risk management framework, serving as a unified engine for all necessary risk management controls across various layers. It guarantees the establishment of a resilient security posture and ensures compliance adherence.

Identity and Access Management

Introducing a streamlined solution that centralizes and manages the comprehensive employment tenure details of employees through a single console. This empowers administrators to efficiently perform access certification and review activities, while minimizing access wait times for end users to gain legitimate access to business applications, legacy systems, and IT infrastructure devices.

Single Sign-On

SSO presents an access management solution that allows employees to authenticate once and gain access to multiple diverse systems. It provides seamless integration for Single Sign-On (SSO) across mobile and web applications, prioritizing mobile platforms and supporting industry-standard SAML authentication and other contemporary protocols.

Surveillance Access Management

As is the case with any IoT systems, there are inherent security challenges that can result in severe breaches and malicious attacks. IP-based systems, with their diverse topologies and technologies, are considerably more complex, leading to an expanded attack surface. To mitigate insider threats, third-party risks, and advanced cyber-attacks, it is crucial to implement robust surveillance access management. This solution plays a vital role in preventing unauthorized access to target IP Cameras, ensuring enhanced security.

Cloud Governance

Cloud infrastructure is vital for the success of your company, but ensuring secure access to cloud platforms presents unique challenges that can jeopardize your business. While each cloud platform provides access management tools, they are often limited to managing their respective environments and lack scalability to encompass others.

Enterprise Vault

Introducing a password automation solution that mitigates risks associated with manual password changes for critical service accounts. Supported by a secure tunnel architecture and a proprietary encryption algorithm, it enhances security measures significantly.

Converged Identity

The Converged Identity Platform eliminates the complexity of siloed and fragmented solutions that manage various application access controls. Serving as a unified control point, it efficiently oversees and monitors identities, handles provisioning and deprovisioning, and provides real-time activity reports for every identity.

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