Protecting Against Ransomware Everywhere.Agentless.

Ransomware has changed. Malware like Lockbit, AlpVM, and CLOP not only encrypts your files, but also steals your data. This creates a business-critical risk for your company, as security teams are forced to close the network until they know exactly what was stolen and if regulatory need to be notified in order to estimate the potential damage. Time is critical—every minute counts.

​​Fortify Your Defenses Against 

Advanced Attacks


The Challenge

What keeps security professionals up at night is not the encryption element of ransomware – backup and restore solutions can mostly take care of this challenge. The massive, unsolved problem is a Data Leak

The Solution

ITsMine’s Managed Data Protection (MDP) solution keeps the security team in control at all times.

 Real-time alerts when an attacker uses forbidden files outside the company

Know exactly which files were leaked

Sensitive files remotely, even after they are far beyond company boundaries

The average total cost of a data breach is $9.44m*

The immediate cost of a data breach: $2m

  • 5 days for investigators to understand what data leaked – and if regulators need to be involved (HIPAA/PCI/GDPR, etc.)
  • Shutting down the network: $1m
  • Incident Response (IR) team: $800k
  • The negotiator: $200k

Collateral damage: $10m - $30m

  • Brand damage, valuation impact, regulation, legal issues, increased cyber insurance premiums, customers’ lost trust
  • *IBM Security cost of data breach report 2022 

ITsMine’s MDP service 

Key Features


ITsMine monitors file usage across on-premises and cloud repositories to provide a clear view into file access and actions for the organization as well as individual users and endpoints. Automatically creates an advanced AI-based Heatmap of file-sharing “hotspots” requiring protection.

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Employee-centric protection

Automatic Protection: ITsMine utilizes AI to strategically deploy its patented SoftwareMines™ (threat sensors) throughout the file-sharing “hotspots” repositories to automatically detect and mitigate a variety of threats, including data breaches,

ransomware attacks, malicious or careless employees.

Security Training: ITsMine Training Campaigns use SoftwareMines™ to help guide employees on the proper use of company files, Identify high risk users and provide corrective instruction.

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Virtual Vault™

ITsMine’s unique method for protecting and centralizing files everywhere is by enabling you to create Virtual Vaults across any Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, or NetApp cloud solutions.

Files located in Virtual Vaults™ will automatically benefit from multiple layers of protection that will allow you to:

  • Track the circulation and location of your critical files with File-GPS™. Files beyond company boundaries will “call home” in case of unauthorized access. 
  • Control your files. Kill critical files beyond company boundaries or subsequently set an access expiration date via TimeBomb™.
  • Enforce access & functional permissions, anywhere.

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