Phases of our Graduate’s Journey

The Graduate’s journey is a 1-year program that aims to help build skills, drive outcomes and performance. A partner would pair up the graduate and mentor them to support the upskilling journey.

Month 1
Buddy Up Phase

The first month would comprise of orientation, job shadowing, upskilling with other relevant business knowledge and a strong mentorship phase

Month 4
Monitoring Phase
The next 3 months would include allocating the resource with manageable tasks & activities supplemented with regular monitoring and support.
Month 12
Go All Out Phase
Contribute to on-the-job tasks and deliverables in a controlled environment during the last 8 months.

Graduate Development Plan

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​Step 1:
Graduate Recruitment

Pro-Tech Consulting sources exceptional talent from leading academic institutions nationwide. Our selection process includes comprehensive skills and scenario-based situational interviews, ensuring we identify individuals with the potential to excel in their roles.

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​Step 2:
Pro-Tech Development Program  

We offer a 6-week intensive learning and development program for our selected graduate candidates. They will build skills in their chosen areas of expertise and will receive high-quality asset.

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​​​Step 3:
Client Engagement

Graduates work from our Johannesburg office or remotely, are paired with mentors on current client engagements, learn about the client's industry and operations, complete tasks, and are measured against key performance metrics

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​​Step 4:
Client Transition

Transition to Full-Time/Contract Roles: After successful outcomes, candidates may transition from Pro-Tech consulting to positions with client organizations. Our program effectively prepares graduates to contribute to the economy with a proven development program and academic institution partnership

​Exciting Opportunity for Graduates