Cloud FinOps Specialist


Job Description

Job Title:

Cloud FinOps Specialist

Start Date:

January 2024

Contract duration:

3 months (extendable) 



Roles and Responsibilities:

Cloud FinOps Specialist Services will comprise of the following objectives:

  • Perform FinOps analytics to enhance decision making processes and improving products and services around Vodacom business cases, budgets, spend, cost savings and more.
  • Producing real-time data to predict usage patterns, to use in making decisions for optimizing and being able to tell the data stories in the reporting to all levels of management and support.
  • Investigate and understand the basis for every line item in the cloud infrastructure invoices and usage data
  • Finding anomalies in usage patterns and giving quick feedback to course correct.
  • Provide customised reporting and dashboards to internal stakeholders to provide a view on capacity trends, plans and actual costs vs budget and the drivers of the spend and peaks in usage.
  • Ensure capacity / performance / availability requirements are optimised and cost justified
  • Perform daily data analysis of our Cloud consumption across all Hyperscalers and all cloud technologies
  • Identify Cost Optimisation Opportunities and inform the business and technical owners. Including but not limited to Rightsizing, Reservations, Savings Plans, Wastage Removal, technology upgrades.
  • Use your understanding of public cloud cost and usage reports to identify opportunities to reduce spend.
  • Work with CSP experts to further optimize cloud spend.
  • Creating AI and ML capabilities, to assist in automating and less human interventions for managing of Cloud spend. By using cloud native technologies and applications as first option.
  • Work with other FinOps/Finance teams to provide cost forecasting across the Cloud estate considering proposed/planned changes, new workloads planned to be cloud hosted in the future and comparing Cloud costs across Hyperscalers.
  • Act as a conduit between finance and technical teams so an understanding of common financial terms is essential.
  • Collaborate with the Vodacom Procurement (SCM) team and the Cloud Product owner to report on enterprise level commitments vs consumption and future consumption
  • Work together with Vodacom Procurement and application owners to track consumption vs commitment across agreements purchased via Market Place
  • Support software asset management teams and procurement to help identify software renewals or new software procurement that could use a cloud-based Market Place to achieve a lower price point and assist burn down enterprise level commitments.
  • Provide technical advisory services to stakeholders on Vodacom CCoE processes, roadmap and cloud requirements
  • Contribute to the cloud education program that includes user training, events, knowledge sharing, and capability building across the enterprise
  • Continuous alignment with the Vodacom Product Owner, Engineering and Operations functions with the cyclical development of an iterative cloud road map to plan for ongoing changes to services\platforms as technologies emerge and new features are requested by users
  • Keeps up to date with industry trends and can spot and translate how to use the latest services to improve cost / performance for the business stakeholders.
  • Manage the FinOps application platform to ensure that the reports generated are up-to-date and accurate. Supports analytical, experimental, investigative and other fact-finding work in support of cost management.



FinOps analytics
AI ML capabilities
Cost forecasting across the cloud estate
Technical advisory services
Manage FinOps application platform